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Christian Fantasy
About this Site

It's been quite a number of years now since I first decided to try my hand at creating a web-site. I am no longer at UBC and no longer studying literature, and the internet and I (I hope) have matured a good deal in the meantime, but my love for Christian Fantasy literature has by no means lessened! Here, than, for whatever it's worth, is the original introduction to my original Christian Fantasy web-site:

As a student of literature at UBC, Iíve created this site as a service for others interested in Christian fantasy and, in particular, in the resources on Christian fantasy available on the ínet. I also hope that this site will generate some interest in the study of Christian fantasy as a sub-genre. Thereís a lot of real junk being published out there as Christian fantasy right now, but Christian fantasy has a great heritage, which I hope this site will show. But unless weíre aware of that heritage, and aware of it in a little more knowledgeable fashion than ďThose were really great books that I read as a kidóI think Iíll write one!Ē, I donít see that thereís much chance that things will improve.

Not that thereís only junk out there now. Iíve also tried to include in this site more current Christian fantasy authors that Iím aware of. If thereís any that Iíve overlooked (and Iím sure there are), please let me know, and Iíll see what I can do about including them in future issues of this site. The same holds true for older fantasy or proto-fantasy authors that Iíve overlooked, or if you have any suggestions for improving this site.

Please note that this site does not try to provide a complete list of internet resources on Christian fantasyóbecause of time and space limitations Iíve included only the sites Iíve found useful, and that Iím fairly sure youíll find interesting and helpful. Again, if thereís any really great sites out there that you think Iíve overlooked, please let me know. I am not omniscient, after all.

Finally, if you have any comments about this site or, better yet, about any aspect of the Christian fantasy sub-genre, donít hesitate to let me have them. As a student of literature, I find I learn most through dialogue. And if I get a lot of really interesting comments, I just may add a ďlettersĒ section to the archives...

          Sincerely yours,

          Ed Hewlett.

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