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Welcome to ehewlett!
(Links and Web-Rings Mirror Page)

This site is dedicated to my many fathers in the faith: my father, my grandfather, Father Lawrence, C.S. Lewis, and Saint Justin the Philosopher (aka Justin Martyr).

Note: This page is a mirror of the main site, with a collection of many of our favorite links and web-rings below.


The ultimate starting point for everything of any real importance in my life. Born and raised in a wonderful, Christ-centred, Protestant Christian family, my life-long search to know Christ and His Church ultimately led me to convert to Orthodox Christianity after spending about ten years trying to prove it wrong. Anyone interested in what led me to take such a step is welcome to get a glimpse of my journey in the letters I wrote to the "Plymouth Brethren" assembly in which I grew up and to my beloved, who joined me in my journey and ultimately became my wife. I am currently attending Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, where, as is usual in academia, I have to write a whole bunch of stuff, which you're more than welcome to look at as well.


This web-site actually started out as a Master's degree project on Christian Fantasy—I was hoping to write my Master's thesis on my hero, C.S. Lewis, and some of his predecessors. The Master's degree has fallen by the wayside—since converting to Orthodoxy and getting married, my priorities have shifted somewhat—but the original web-site sparked enough interest that I thought I would get it up and running again for sheer love of the genre. Which, after all, was why I started studying it in the first place...


I love books! One of the most wonderful things about the net is all the free on-line books that are available. The Library started out as a collection of links to Christian fantasy works on the net, plus a few of my own poor creations. I am gradually expanding it to include more of my favorites, including other forms of literature, Christian classics that have been helpful and important to me, and a bit more of my own work (since it's hardly likely to get published anywhere else!).


This expanding collection of links and web-rings should eventually lead to all the major web-sites linked to from this site, as well as other web-sites related to the site themes or of special interest to us.


Eventually this page should contain all of the main sites that our site links to, but, for now, here are a few of our favorite sites:

British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life - Life Views: My father is the president of BCPTL, an organization which works for freedom and a positive, responsible attitude towards life in BC schools.

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library: One of my favorite sources of classic Christian literature on-line, especially their Early Church Fathers series.


Coming soon...

Author: Edward Hewlett
Last update: January 19, 2002