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Christian Fantasy
Current Authors

While we are far from living in Christian fantasy’s darkest hour, I would have to say we are far from living in its brightest, either. On this page I’ve listed the Christian fantasy authors whose works, I believe, come the closest to being real literature. You’ll notice the list is fairly short. If this upsets you, good. If there are great Christian fantasists currently out there whom I’ve overlooked, good, let me know about them—I want to read them! (And if they really are good, I’ll put them up here.)

Madeline L'Engle

Best known for her A Wrinkle In Time, Madeline L’Engle is actually a fairly prolific author, a writer of both science fantasy and realistic fiction. A biographical sketch of L’Engle is available in the Wheaton archives. There’s not a lot out there on L’Engle. I’ve located one Madeline L’Engle Fan Homepage, as well as an article on her. The rest of the ’net-references to L’Engle were mostly from favorite book lists.

Stephen Lawhead

I wouldn’t bother to put Stephen Lawhead on here if his books didn’t keep getting better and better. There’s a huge and obvious improvement from his amateurish first trilogy, the “Dragon King” trilogy, to his most recent one, the Song of Albion. I still wouldn’t rate the Song of Albion as great literature, but at least it’s a really good read, with some depth to it. And if he keeps on improving at this rate, perhaps his newest book, Byzantium, will break the “lit barrier”.

The most information you’ll get on-line on Stephen Lawhead is to be found on the Stephen R. Lawhead FAQ page. The UnOfficial Stephen R. Lawhead Page is a classic illustration of the principle that prettier isn’t always better. It looks nice, but the (notably plainer) Stephen R. Lawhead Mailing List Homepage and its associated FAQ page (see above) make for much more informative resources.

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